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Diversified Income Funds August 2017

The following performance table is a selection of funds with a yield or income focused strategy. Income may be derived from a number of sources, strategies and asset types. You should refer to the fund’s underlying investment strategy to determine the asset allocation and exposure for each fund.



Diversified Income FundsCore Strategy1 year income (%)1 year total (%)3 year income (% pa)3 year total (% pa)5 year income (% pa)5 year total (% pa)
Aberdeen Diversified Fixed Income FundAustralian Fixed Interest5.
Aberdeen Income Focused Bond FundAustralian Fixed Interest4.8-
Aberdeen Multi-Asset Income FundMulti-Sector4.
Acadian Australian Equity High Yield Class A FundAustralian Shares9.
Acadian Defensive Income - Class A FundCash2.
Advance Defensive Yield Multi-Blend FundMulti-Sector3.
AB Global High Income FundGlobal Credit8.
Alpha Diversified Income FundGlobal Fixed Interest1.
Alpha Enhanced Yield FundGlobal Fixed Interest3.
Altair Income FundAustralian Shares4.
AMP Capital Australian Equity Income FundAustralian Shares6.
AMP Capital Equity Income Generator FundAustralian Shares6.
AMP Specialist Diversified Fixed Income FundGlobal Fixed Interest3.
Antares Income FundAustralian Fixed Interest2.
Antares Professional Dividend Builder FundAustralian Shares9.
APN Property for Income FundProperty5.7-
Armytage Australian Equity Income FundAustralian Shares7.
AUI Property Income Fund WholesaleProperty10.810.17.913.27.611.2
AXA Wholesale Global Fixed Income FundGlobal Fixed Interest12.8-12.76.2-
Bentham Professional Global Income FundGlobal Credit4.610.
Bentham Wholesale Global Income FundGlobal Credit4.610.
Bentham Wholesale High Yield FundHigh Yield Credit4.710.
Blue Quay High Income FundAustralian Fixed Interest5.
BT Balanced Equity Income FundAustralian Shares4.63.56.1-0.6n/an/a
BT Defensive Equity Income FundAustralian Shares3.72.74.8-0.8n/an/a
BT Income Plus Retail FundMulti-Sector2.
BT Tax Effective Income Retail FundMulti-Sector3.
BT Wholesale Monthly Income Plus FundMulti-Sector4.
CFS Wholesale Equity Income FundAustralian Shares7.
CFS Wholesale Global Credit Income FundGlobal Credit14.
CFS Wholesale Target Return Income FundMulti-Sector7.
DDH Preferred Income FundMulti-Sector4.
Denning Pryce Equity Income FundAustralian Shares3.
Elstree Enhanced Income FundHybrids4.
EQT Australian Equity Income FundAustralian Shares3.813.
SGH Property Income FundProperty16.6-
Fidelity Global Dividend Growth FundGlobal Shares1.32.9n/an/an/an/a
Janus Henderson Global Equity Income FundGlobal Shares2.17.3n/an/an/an/a
Janus Henderson Income FundGlobal Credit4.
Janus Henderson Tactical Income FundAustralian Fixed Interest3.
Invesco Wholesale Senior Secured IncomeGlobal Credit4.
Investors Mutual Equity Income FundAustralian Shares8.
IOOF Income TrustAustralian Fixed Interest4.
IOOF/Perennial Flex Cash & Income FundAustralian Fixed Interest0.
JPMorgan Global Income FundGlobal Fixed Interest6.
Kapstream Wholesale Plus Absolute Return Income FundMulti-Sector3.42.9n/an/an/an/a
Lazard Australian Diversified Income FundAustralian Shares8.
Legg Mason Martin Currie Equity Income Trust AAustralian Shares7.
Legg Mason Martin Currie Diversified Income TrustMulti-Sector6.
Legg Mason Martin Currie Real Income Fund AAustralian Shares6.94.77.315.28.117.1
Macquarie Dividend Run-Up FundAustralian Shares3.1-1.11.5-1.4n/an/a
Macquarie Income Opportunities FundAustralian Credit4.
Mercer Income Plus FundMulti-Sector2.
Merlon Wholesale Australian Share Income FundAustralian Shares5.
Microequities High Income Value MicrocapAustralian Shares4.913.
MLC Wholesale Horizon 2 Income PortfolioMulti-Sector3.
MLC Wholesale IncomeBuilderTMAustralian Shares7.
National Investment Trust - Dividend ImputationAustralian Shares9.312.
National Investment Trust Monthly IncomeMulti-Sector2.
Nikko AM Australian Share IncomeAustralian Shares11.610.
Payden Global Income Opportunities FundMulti-Sector2.
Perennial Value Shares for Income TrustAustralian Shares7.
Perpetual Credit Income FundAustralian Credit4.
Perpetual Wholesale Plus Diversified Income FundAustralian Fixed Interest3.75.1n/an/an/an/a
PIMCO Income Wholesale FundGlobal Fixed Interest4.88.6n/an/an/an/a
Plato Australian Shares Income FundAustralian Shares8.
Plato Global Shares Income FundGlobal Shares5.67.0n/an/an/an/a
PM Capital Enhanced Yield FundGlobal Fixed Interest3.
Premium Asia Income FundGlobal Fixed Interest11.
Ranger Global Income & Growth FundGlobal Shares3.03.8n/an/an/an/a
RARE Infrastructure Income FundGlobal Shares5.
Realm High Income FundAustralian Credit2.
Russell Australian Bond IncomeAustralian Fixed Interest3.6-
Russell Investment Multi-Asset Income StrategyMulti-Sector4.
Schroder Fixed Income Professional FundAustralian Fixed Interest3.9-
Schroder Wholesale Plus Fixed Income FundAustralian Fixed Interest3.7-0.4n/an/an/an/a
SGH Property Income Professional InvestorProperty16.6-
Smarter Money Higher Income Direct Investor FundAustralian Fixed Interest3.14.4n/an/an/an/a
Spectrum Strategic IncomeAustralian Fixed Interest3.
IOOF Property Income Plus FundProperty4.2-
UBS Diversified Fixed Income FundGlobal Bonds3.
UBS Income Solution FundAustralian Credit7.
Vanguard Australian Shares High Yield Fund WholesaleAustralian Shares7.715.
Vanguard Australian Shares High Yield Fund RetailAustralian Shares8.514.
Yarra Enhanced Income FundMulti-Sector4.
Yarra Income Plus FundMulti-Sector5.
Zurich Investments Equity Income FundAustralian Shares5.
Zurich Investments Global Equity IncomeGlobal Shares6.

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