ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) 28 Sep – 2 Oct 2015


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There was a large sizeable increase in the total value of bond ETFs surveyed by YieldReport. Total fund value increased by nearly 4% with the majority of the increase going into the iShares UBS Composite Bond Index Fund which is about 90% Commonwealth Government securities. This fund has returned 6.75% for the year, which is well above the average government bond rate. It’s the result of record low government bond rates which has given bond funds valuation gains as bond values rise.


1m (%)1y (%)MER (%)FUND
SIZE ($m)
BetaShares Aust High Int CashAAA50.110.202.880.18705.76
SPDR S&P/ASX Aust BondBOND26.000.676.490.2415.77
SPDR S&P/ASX Aust Govt BondGOVT25.850.676.730.225.21
iShares Composite Bond ETFIAF106.580.256.750.24271.61
iShares Treasury ETFIGB104.070.307.080.2616.36
iShares Govt Inflation ETFILB114.49-0.187.620.2643.39
Russell Aust Select Corp Bond ETFRCB20.300.574.680.2873.30
Russell Aust Govt Bond ETFRGB21.220.837.580.24144.08
Russell Aust Semi-Govt Bond ETFRSM20.690.585.790.26118.43
Vanguard Aust Fxd Int Index ETFVAF49.706.130.20253.92
Vanguard Aust Govt Bond Index ETFVGB49.246.410.2060.23
*1m/1y performance as at end of August 2015. Closing price as at week end. Return in AUD before fees