20 Jun – 24 Jun 2016


Given investor preference for AAA/AA debt at the end of the week, it is perhaps a little surprising a similar pattern was not observed in the bond ETF market. The bond ETFs tracked by YieldReport experienced net fund inflows as a whole over the week, but some of them which are considered to be at the safest end of the spectrum actually suffered fund outflows. The most-favoured bond ETF for the week was the iShares UBS Composite Bond which increased its fund size by 0.5% over the week.


1m (%)1y (%)MER (%)FUND
SIZE ($m)
BetaShares Aust High Int CashAAA50.150.202.530.18938.02
SPDR S&P/ASX Aust BondBOND26.921.324.650.2424.47
SPDR S&P/ASX Aust Govt BondGOVT26.571.394.890.228.04
iShares Composite Bond ETFIAF109.681.244.50.24314.73
iShares Treasury ETFIGB107.231.354.510.2623.30
iShares Govt Inflation ETFILB117.411.671.630.2663.88
Russell Aust Select Corp Bond ETFRCB20.671.023.210.2887.08
Russell Aust Govt Bond ETFRGB22.171.625.310.24142.22
Russell Aust Semi-Govt Bond ETFRSM20.911.103.990.26128.74
Vanguard® Aust Fxd Int Index ETFVAF51.061.244.460.2405.92
Vanguard® Aust Govt Bond Index ETFVGB50.951.334.760.287.91
Vanguard® International Crdt Securities Ind(Hedged) ETFVCF53.330.37-0.314.93
Vanguard® International Fix Int Ind(Hedged) ETFVIF54.200.69-0.214.63
*1 month/1 year performance as at end of May 2016. Closing price as at week end. Return in AUD before fees