June 2015

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Corporate Bond Domestic Issues

W.A Stockwell Pty LtdSecured noteIssued$85m6y7.75%
Genworth Fin Mortgage Insurance Aust FloatingIssued$200m3mBBSW + 350bps
Flexigroup ABS Trust 2014-1A1Issued$89.25m0.3y1m BBSW + 50bps
A2Issued$109.37m1.4y1m BBSW + 100bps
BIssued$22.95m1.4y1m BBSW + 140bps
Heritage BankTier 2 FRNIssued$50m5y3m BBSW + 350bps
Westpac (Uridashi)Issued$44.6m5y0.0299
Mercedes-Benz Australia FixedIssued$100m3ySwap + 45bps
Dexus Wholesale Property FundFixedIssued$150m7ySwap + 130bps
Dexus Wholesale Property FundIssued$50m10ySwap + 155bps
Energy Partnership GasFixedIssued$210m5ySwap + 165bps
Energy Partnership GasFRNIssued$20m5yBBSW + 160bps
Pepper Residential Securities Trust No.14Class A1-u1IssuedUS$250m1yLibor + 33bps
Class A1-aIssued$61m2.3yBBSW + 105bps
Class A2Issued$56.1m2.3yBBSW +135bps
Class BIssued$53.9m4.2yBBSW + 200bps
Class CIssued$20.9m4.2yUndisclosed
Class DIssued$11m4.2yUndisclosed
Class EIssued$6.6m4.1yUndisclosed
Class FIssued$8.2m3.2yUndisclosed
Class GIssued$8.3m5.0yUndisclosed
Torrens Series 2015-1 TrustClass A1Issued$460m
Bendigo and Adelaide BankClass A2Issued$11.75m
Class BIssued$17.5m
Class CIssued$6.75m
Class DIssued$1.75m
Class EIssued$2.25m
La Trobe Fincial Capital Mkts Trust 2015-1Class A1Announced$162.5m
Class A2Announced$44.5m
Class BAnnounced$14.5m
Class CAnnounced$10.8m
Class DAnnounced$7.5m
Class EAnnounced$4.8m
Class FAnnounced$2.7m
Equity notesAnnounced$2.9m
Series 2015-1 WST TrustClass AAnnounced$1,932m
Class BAnnounced$71.5m
Class CAnnounced$96.5m
WestpacCovered bondIssued$50m10y3.875% coupon

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Corporate Bond International (Kangaroo) Issues

KfW Bankengruppe FixedIssued$100m10y3.5925%/ACGB+58bps
Rabobank NederlandFixedIssued$225m10y (5y call)5.22%/Swap + 250bps
EurofimaFixedIssued$30m10.5yACGB + 80.5bps
FloatingIssued$475m10y (5y call)3mBBSW + 250bps
Inter-American Development BankIssued$50m5yACGB + 48bps
EurofimaIssued$100m10.5yACGB + 80.5bps
African Development BankIssued$25m11y
Corporación Andina de FomentoIssued$75m10yACGB + 162.25bps
Canadian Imperial Bank of CommerceCovered bondIssued$300m5y3m BBSW + 65bps
Inter-American Development BankIssued$150m5yACGB + 48.5bps
KommunalbankenIssued$50m10yACGB + 58.75 bps