April 2015

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Australian fixed interest fund April performance
It was a troubled month for Australian fixed interest managed funds in April with most funds showing a negative return for the month and the Bloomberg/UBS Composite Bond Index (0+yrs) showing -1.11% for the month. April was a poor month for the Australian bond market overall with yields higher by an average of around 28bps driven largely by sharp rises in European bonds. The best performer for the month was the Perennial Tactical Income Trust with a return for the month of 0.10%, bringing its 12-month performance to 3.76%. The trust is actively managed and aims to provide investors with a diversified exposure to a range of cash, cash equivalent and fixed interest securities. The overall level of credit risk reflects Perennial Fixed Interest’s assessment of fundamentals and valuations within the corporate debt market. The trust may also allocate up to a maximum of 30% to high yielding securities when attractive opportunities are identified.
Asset allocation was the key driver of the positive return, reflecting a significant short duration position. During the month the overall duration of the trust ranged between 0.6 to 0.9 compared to the benchmark duration of 2.39.

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Australian Fixed Interest

AUSTRALIAN FIXED INTEREST1m (%)3m (%)1y (%)3y (%)5y (%)
Aberdeen Australian Fixed Income-1.16-
Advance Aus Fixed Intr Multi-Blend-1.16-0.316.444.765.43
AMP Capital Corporate Bond0.
Alpha Enhanced Yield Alpha^ (IWM05)-1.32-
AMP FLI S2-AMP Australian Bond-1.14-
AMP Gen-BlackRock Aust Fixed Int Ind-1.18-0.337.64.936.03
Antares Premier Fixed Income-
Altius Bond-0.570.464.415.020
BT Enhanced Credit WS-0.620.417.636.777.31
BT Fixed Interest Retail-1.49-0.857.924.785.93
BT Fixed Interest WS-1.82-0.6710.316.257.23
BT Government Bond-1.73-0.949.875.637.14
CFS FC Inv-Aberdeen Aus Fixed Inc-1.21-
CFS FC W Inv-CFS W Australian Bond-0.460.486.195.466.11
DDH Fixed Interest-1.06-0.018.386.597.21
Jamieson Coote Bonds Active-0.740.43n/a n/a n/a 
Legg Mason Western Asset Australian (LMA04)-
Macquarie Australian Fixed Interest-
Mercer Australian Sovereign Bond Fund-1.53-0.279.785.456.8
Millinium Fixed Income-0.261.5310.81n/an/a
Nikko AM Australian Bond-
OnePath OA FR IP-Optimix Aus Fixed Int-1.02-0.077.675.750
Perennial Australian Fixed Interest Tr-0.790.197.666.847.51
Perennial Fixed Interest Wholesale-
Perennial Tactical Income Trust0.10.713.765.45.93
Perpetual WFIA-Schroder Fixed Income-1.09-0.285.644.685.74
Perpetual WFIA-Vanguard Aust FI Idx-1.2-0.387.454.795.86
PIMCO EQT Australian Bond-
PIMCO EQT Wholesale Australian Bond B^ (PMF04)n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 
PIMCO EQT Wholesale Australian Focus B^ (PMF05)n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 
SSgA Australian Fixed Income-1.22-0.228.675.816.93
UBS Australian Bond-1.15-0.157.445.996.9
Vanguard Australian Fixed Interest Index-1.13-0.138.675.947.04
Vanguard Australian Govt Bond Index-1.32-0.359.235.637.02
Bloomberg/UBS Composite Bond Index (0+yrs)-1.11-0.088.916.157.27

*End of April 2015. Return in AUD after Fees
Underlined Funds can be applied for and redeemed via the ASX mFund platform