YieldReport is an independent online news portal published weekly and monthly focusing solely on fixed income and yield securities. It offers general advice, analysis, news and pricing on cash, term deposits, government and semi-government bonds, corporate bonds, floating rate notes, hybrids as well as other yield instruments.

Many words are written every day about share markets but very few are written about perhaps the most critical market in Australia – the debt and fixed income markets. Furthermore, most people have limited understanding of how the fixed income markets work, the different products available, where interest rates are going and even how to go about buying fixed income products. In fact there is very little information about fixed income products outside the professional market and YieldReport hopes to change that.

YieldReport is not aligned with any bank, broker or fund manager, does not offer trading, nor does it make any specific product recommendations – hence it receives no commissions or revenue from these sources. The opinions contained in YieldReport are just that – they are the general view of our editorial staff and contributing writers and are free from outside commercial influences. While YieldReport does allow advertisements on its website and newsletters it has no influence on the editorial content nor on the prices of securities quoted.

Our reports are designed to help anyone managing money – whether it be their own or whether they sit on a finance committee, board etc – to make informed decisions about where interest rates are going and to have access to the best rates available. Rather than relying on your own bank, YieldReport can tell you what all the banks are offering across a range of products. This helps you find the best rates available and can even help you to negotiate a sharper deal with your financial institution.

If you are one of the many thousands across the country that has to make a financial decision on behalf of others there is often a legal and compliance obligation to source the best rates and make an informed decision. With YieldReport you can now sit on your finance committee and know you have met your personal responsibility to act in the best interests of your organisation. Including YieldReport with your own performance reports can amply support the compliance or governance requirements many finance committees face.

We hope that you find our reports useful. We would welcome your feedback on ways to improve our offering.

Kind regards

Matt Wilson, Publisher