Our Testimonials


“JCB find the YieldReport to be an invaluable summary of all debt market activity. Whilst we are focussed on the highest grade bonds it is important to see what is going on in other areas of the debt space. YieldReport is the most concise and informational debt market report around. We read it religiously. Highly recommended.”
Angus Coote, Executive Director, JCB Active Bond Fund

“An informative, reliable information resource for income & yield investors”
Peter Cooper, MD, Cooper Investors

“YieldReport is a fantastic independent source of rates and what is available in this space. As a one stop source it is not only unique but invaluable.”
Will Hamilton, CEO, Hamilton Wealth Management

“The YieldReport provides an informed and unbiased analysis of the domestic and international fixed interest markets. I read the YieldReport with interest and value the commentary in respect to the new issues, pricing and commentary.”
Steve Knapp, Chairman, Mawson Group