09 Oct – 13 Oct 2017

A week ago various bond market ETFs attracted large investor flows and to some degree, this week something similar occurred. BetaShares Australian Bank Senior Floating Rate Bond ETF (ASX code: QPON) took in investor funds equivalent to an additional 38.6%, albeit from a small base, while iShares Core Cash ETF (ASX code: BILL) expanded by 11.1%. Even BetaShares Australian High Interest Cash ETF (ASX code: AAA) took in additional funds equivalent to 2.4%.


*1m (%)*1y (%)RUNNING
SIZE ($m)
BetaShares Australian High Interest Cash ETFAAA50. 1,262.03
iShares Core Cash ETFBILL100.160.14n/a0.46155.67
SPDR S&P/ASX Australian Bond Fund ETFBOND25.52-0.36-1.273.1428.38
VanEck Vectors Australian Floating Rate ETFFLOT25.090.21n/a0.6821.08
SPDR S&P/ASX Australian Government Bond Fund ETFGOVT25.44-0.44-1.942.5215.36
iShares Core Composite Bond ETFIAF105.40-0.34-0.932.32449.95
iShares Treasury ETFIGB101.74-0.50-2.312.7129.23
iShares Global High Yield Bond ETFIHHY107.010.878.426.9925.67
iShares Core Global Corporate Bond ETFIHCB105.88-
iShares J.P. Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond ETFIHEB108.34-0.134.425.0810.83
iShares Government Inflation ETFILB113.50-0.99-1.730.8995.27
iShares Enhanced Cash ETFISEC100.230.17n/a0.5815.03
UBS IQ Cash ETFMONY20.000.13n/a0.561.00
VanEck Vectors Australian Corporate Bond Plus ETFPLUS17.33-0.95n/a0.9580.02
BetaShares Australian Bank Senior Floating Rate Bond ETFQPON25.590.27n/a0.76110.55
Russell Australian Select Corporate Bond ETFRCB20.
Russell Australian Government Bond ETFRGB20.70-0.11-2.723.2459.53
Russell Australian Semi-Government Bond ETFRSM20.35-
Vanguard Australian Corporate Fixed Interest ETFVACF49.94-
Vanguard Australian Fixed Interest Index ETFVAF48.43-0.32-0.892.82673.59
Vanguard International Credit Securities Index ETFVCF48.44-0.311.849.57122.28
Vanguard Australian Government Bond Index ETFVGB48.71-0.42-1.662.59135.35
Vanguard International Fixed Interest Index ETFVIF48.06-0.60-0.779.69148.98
*1 month/1 year performance as at end of September 2017, except for all the Russell bond ETFs and the UBS IQ Cash ETF. Closing price as at week end. Returns in AUD before fees


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