Managed Funds

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Mortgage Funds March 2017

Mortgage funds

MORTGAGE FUNDSAPIR CODE1m (%)3m (%)6m (%)1y (%)3y (%)5y (%)
La Trobe Australian Mortgage- 12 Month TermLTC0002AU0.431.312.635.335.636.12
La Trobe Australian Mortgage -ClassicLTC0001AU0.
La Trobe Australian Mortgage - SelectMFL0002AU0.641.933.877.888.068.38
La Trobe Australian Mortgage- High Yield Credit MFL0001AU0.982.986.0912.4811.5611.59
Equity Trustees Wholesale Mortgage IncomeETL0122AU
Equity Trustees Mortgage IncomeETL0100AU
Austock Imputation Bond - Equity Trustees Mortgage0.120.391.521.85
Trilogy Monthly Income TrustTGY0003AU0.688.
Tasmanian Perpetual MortgageTPT0007AU0.270.773.373.62
*End of March 2017. Return in AUD after fees.


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