21 Mar – 24 Mar 2016


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The bond ETF sector went into hibernation despite the increased investor demand for bonds in a “risk-off” week. Bond funds generally suffered very modest out-flows, even those whose primary purpose is to invest in government bonds. However, in a sign of the times, the largest beneficiary of investor interest in this latest week was the BetaShares Australian High Interest Cash ETF.


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1m (%)1y (%)MER (%)FUND
SIZE ($m)
BetaShares Aust High Int CashAAA50.170.212.610.18877.86
SPDR S&P/ASX Aust BondBOND26.141.062.840.2421.12
SPDR S&P/ASX Aust Govt BondGOVT25.921.
iShares Composite Bond ETFIAF106.421.022.820.24311.71
iShares Treasury ETFIGB104.381.282.530.2618.51
iShares Govt Inflation ETFILB114.790.49-1.140.2654.99
Russell Aust Select Corp Bond ETFRCB20.320.292.330.2879.49
Russell Aust Govt Bond ETFRGB21.301.453.040.24136.47
Russell Aust Semi-Govt Bond ETFRSM20.740.822.990.26124.14
Vanguard® Aust Fxd Int Index ETFVAF49.861.022.80.2341.36
Vanguard® Aust Govt Bond Index ETFVGB49.521.222.930.270.05
Vanguard® International Crdt Securities Ind(Hedged) ETFVCF51.250.74-0.32.05
Vanguard® International Fix Int Ind(Hedged) ETFVIF52.281.44-0.26.80

*1 month/1 year performance as at end of February 2016. Closing price as at week end. Return in AUD before fees