Cash and Bank Bills


When it comes to short-term investments there is a confusing number of products on offer: Bank Bills, High Interest cash accounts, Term Deposits, Managed Cash Funds – there are hundreds of places to invest your money. It is hard for investors to find the time to track down the mountain of interest rate information and then sort the information so that they can be compared.

Many rates change every day – which is why the YieldReport team collects the rate changes every day – from every major provider. Our team does all the hard work for investors – collating all the available information on each of these products and providing it to readers in an easy-to-read format so they can see instantly where the best rates are and who is offering them.

Short term interest rates are driven by a range of factors including the Reserve Bank cash rate. YieldReport also provides ongoing commentary about this as well as other key rate indicators so that investors can position their investments according to their strategy or mandate.

To get the best possible returns you need the best possible independent information. And because we don’t deal or take commissions you know the information is unbiased.

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